History of Trails in Transcona

In 2003 a group of volunteers started with a plan to provide a walking and cycling path between two existing green spaces in Transcona.

Transcona had a few short trails in the Rotary Tall Grass Prairie, Transcona Community Bioreserve and George Olive Park before we started.

In 2005 and 2006 we created the first 2 kilometre segment of the Transcona Trail which joined the Rotary Tall Grass Prairie Nature Park and Transcona Community Bioreserve and resulted in 5 km of connected trail. We planted 87 trees along the way. On May 27, 2006 the grand opening of the Transcona Trail was held at the trailhead on the corner of Ravelston Avenue and Bradley Street.

Our non-profit group became Transcona Trails Inc. Our goals evolved to building a recreational trail system in Transcona, and we became a registered charity.

In 2010 the Transcona Trail was upgraded to a 6.7 km paved trail from Regent Avenue near Peguis Street to the eastern edge of Transcona.

In 2009 two sections of the Cordite Trail grass footpath were created along the Cordite Ditch. The western track of the Cordite Trail connects Transcona to the Chief Peguis Greenway Trail. The east track of the Cordite Trail is on both sides of Redonda Street and connects with the Transcona Trail.

We were involved with the East Winnipeg Sports Association to develop the Manitoba Lotteries Fitness Trail (MLFT) in Buhler Recreation Park on Murdoch Road in South Transcona. Walkers, runners and cyclists are welcome on the fitness trail. The limestone sections of the MLFT were ready for use in 2008. We continue to upgrade the other sections of the trail that have a grass or woodchip surface. An exercise zone on the trail has equipment for stretching and strengthening exercises. There are several short spur trails including two nature trails.

We installed Historical interpretive signs on the Cordite Trail in 2010. Nature interpretive signs were installed on the Manitoba Lotteries Fitness Trail in 2012.

Since 2003 the South Transcona Community Path, Dugald Trail, Windsong Trail, Rotary Centenary Trail, Pandora Pathway, Flamingo Crossing, Sir Wilfred Laurier Trail, and trails in Harbouriew South have also been built by the City of Winnipeg, developers and other community groups.

Recently we have been advocating for trails to connect our current trails to the rest of the city.

The trails in Transcona are well used by people of all ages.